SERIES 720 “T-Bolt” Exhaust Hose Clamps
Marine grade, stainless steel hose clamps designed to assure proper clamping of large diameter marine exhaust hose. All clamps are equipped with a nylon insert lock nut.

Sizes: 1” – 16” Standard Hose I.D.
Description: Stainless Steel
Packaging: 10 Per Package

SERIES NF Nylon Hose Nipples
Nylon Hose Nipples are designed to accommodate all rubber and plastic hoses in the marine industry. Fittings are sized at the hose barbs to fit PVC hoses.

Sizes: ½” – 2” Standard Hose I.D.s
Description: White Nylon
Packaging: Each

Brass Hose Fittings, Ferrules and Adapters
Brass hose fittings and brass ferrules designed to accommodate all sizes of fuel feed and vent hoses in the marine industry.

Sizes: 1/4” – ¾” Standard Hose I.D.s
Description: Solid Brass
Packaging: Each

t-bolt exhaust clamp
nylon nipple
brass hose fittings